About Us

Making Import/Export Services Inclusive to all!

Since 2007, Sri Gomathi Amman Trans is an experienced import/export and cargo transportation service provider that specializes in making transportation of goods a hassle-free experience.

Import Export Goods

Our services are built to make import/export a reliable and trust-worthy experience.

User Friendly

We are open to work with any sector and provide end-to-end services under a single platform.

Fast Delivery Network

Liaise with government agencies to make sure that there is a smooth transit of goods – throughout its journey.

Well Qualified Staff

We engage experienced professional with versatile experience to easily navigate through all the complexities that usually go come while importing and exporting.

Lifetime Support

We are providing lifetime support to acheive your goals

Our Mission

To remove the stress of import/export difficulties to a reliable partner that can shoulder any work load – on-time and on-budget.

Our Motivation

Our world class ecosystem includes drivers, liaising professional, docking agents and more - backed by our experienced Management team.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a key provider and differentiator within the import/export sector in India – via the services and experience we give to our customers.

Our Story

We began our journey to bring change to the import/export sector in the country. With a group of like-minded people – coming together with shared values. We began our venture to unravel current market dynamics and inadequacies with a goal to make import/export simpler and accessible to all industries.

With multiple collaboration across sectors, our operations have expanded and we have been able to transform the market across the value chain, providing cost effective solutions to our customers.